the history also teach us (a little encouragement to the Dynamic Hypothesis?)

Millington KA (of Pr. Lalvani’s group) et al have published a nice paper on Journ Inf Dis about the bacillary persistence along years, based on the cellular immune profiles of people with tuberculosis non-treated, self-healed, >50 years earlier. The manuscript suggests both the possibility of clearing the infection and the persistence of viable bacilli secreting antigens which maintain the presence of effector memory T cells. We do believe these recently published data favours our Dynamic Hypothesis, as suggest tuberculosis infection a dynamic process (to know more about the Dynamic Hypothesis, please visit our page on it, in our website)

The paper referred is entitled: “Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific cellular immune profiles suggest bacillary persistence decades after spontaneous cure in untreated tuberculosis.” and you can find it at (free download)

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