World TB day in Barcelona and 4 numbers about TB in BCN

The ASPB, through the UITB, and together with SEPAR, SEIMC and other partners,  has organized a meeting in Barcelona to commemorate the World TB day. To be held in the Novartis building, the aim of this one-day meeting is to disseminate the scientific research focused on the fight against TB  done in the UITB framework. The ASPB has a strong commitment in the fight against TB  and its Programme for the Prevention and Control of TB in Barcelona is quite unique and remarkable for the good work being done and good results being obtained. Its 2009 report highlights a decreasing incidence (4% of decrease) but only in the immigrant population and the importance of the epidemiological factors which still are crucial and determine the high incidence in areas such Ciutat Vella. The report concludes in the need to maintain the epidemiological surveillance and the compulsory declaration of disease, which has demonstrated to be the best way to detect TB cases, and to strenght the contact tracing, specially in the high-risk population.

If you want to know more about the World TB day organized by the UITB in Barcelona, please click here:

and if you’d like to read the 2009 report of the ASPB (in catalan or spanish), please follow this link:

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