Catalan Government supporting RUTI initiative against TB

The president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, together with the catalan Minister of Health (Dr. Boi Ruiz) and the General Manager for Research (Josep Maria Martorell) met several representants of Archivel Farma s.l. Yesterday, including Dr. Pere-Joan Cardona as Chief Scientific Officer and the President of the company (Mr. Antonio Parente), at the Palace of the Generalitat. The President wanted to listen from first hand the current development stage of the vaccine RUTI, the first therapeutic vaccine against Latent Tuberculosis Infection. He was specially interested on the fact of RUTI coming from an initial idea designed in the University succesfully transfered to a biopharma and being one of the a promising new tools against tuberculosis. The President noted his awareness on the extraordinary problem that represents TB by threating humankind and offered his firm support to the RUTI project.
For being RUTI’s designer (and now CSO involved in its development), Dr. Cardona and all his team (also strongly involved in RUTI’s project), we do feel very happy, and keep on believing in that full support from politicians is truly needed to carry on the fight against TB.

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