Long time no see! But back

And on National TV again. Dr. Pere-Joan Cardona was invited yesterday to the TV show “AGORA” to present the final results of the Phase II Clinical Trial of RUTI. The results were previously reported that morning on the 7th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, organized in Barcelona and supported by Dr. Pedro Alonso, one of the eminences on malaria and Clinical Trials. The talk of Dr. Cardona was entitled “Phase II Clinical Trial data on therapeutic vaccine RUTI®: a new promising strategy against Latent Tuberculosis Infection”. The results of the Phase II CT encourage further clinical development as a Phase III which is planned to be launched very very soon.

If you are interested in the congress mentioned, please click here:


Would you like to see the interview to Dr. Cardona on AGORA? please click here below to see the video:



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