The Novo Nodisk Prize Symposium in Kobenhavn

Our sincere congratulations to Prof Peter Andersen, which was awarded in May with the prestigious 2011 Novo Nordisk Prize granted by the Novo Nordisk Foundation (

Prof Andersen, a lovely person at short distances, has improved TB diagnostics and has been involved in the development of new TB vaccines while being Vice President of Vaccine Research and Development within SSI. Along the finantial reward (which was partly personal and partly as a research grant), a scientific meeting was organized last week in the Novo Nordisk building in Hellerup, Kobenhavn. The programme of the Symposium, entitled “TB Vaccines, new tools in the fight against an old disease” included talks by Paul Henri Lambert, Ian Orme, Stefan H.E.Kaufmann, Thomas G Evans and Barry R Bloom. The symposium was held around the idea of developing TB vaccines. Are we doing right? Are we doing wrong? Is BCG as bad as we thought? Are the new vaccines better? safer? And in this hard times of crisis: can we afford developing moderately good TB vaccines?

Worse times are coming, are we prepared? Faites vos jeux, messieurs!

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