Congrats, Carlos!

We would like to congratulate Dr. Carlos Martin, from the Universidad de Zaragoza, for the advances of the prophylactic vaccine he designed together with his team.  The vaccine design was initiated by Dr. Martin 20 years ago and MTBVAC has shown good results both in the lab and in experimental animal models. Thus Backed-up by the biopharma Biofabri, the vaccine MTBVAC is now waiting for the regulatory approval needed to enter the clinical development. A Phase 1 CT is planned to be launched soon and involving 36 healthy volunteers. Even Bill Gates wanted to know more about the first spanish prophylactic vaccine against TB in his recent trip to Madrid to talk about cooperation.

Dr. Martin is an old friend of us. We have collaborated since many years ago and the UTE and UNIZAR are both part of the Program on TB within the Spanish Consortium CIBERES. The collaboration between the two groups extends even at european levels, as both are partners of the NEWTBVAC project.

For all this, we are happy to say: Congratulations, Carlos, and we wish you luck!

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