Thank you students! MEDIVISE has born to help TB patients

Youth is power, specially if wants to help, collaborate, act, react, be active. A new example of that (another one) is that 4 college students from TUFTS University have invented MEDIVISE to help TB patients. Worried about one of your patients not taking the treatment? DOTS are great but what if you had the power of internet on your side? Each day, Medivise sends you a text message reminding you of which medications you need to take. And besides the usefulness, these young guys wanting to help, don’t you think it’s wonderful? The Medivise group has been selected as one of 10 teams to move into the final round of the Imagination Cup, after which point they’re hoping to find the resources to run clinical trials and eventually deploy this around the world. Will they win? WE BET ON THEM!

Read the whole article here! (hey! short note for its author: we  LOVED the idea to change the name Tuberculosis for Terriberculosis)

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