“I AM Darth Vader” (Cardona in one of his conferences on the Dark Side)

Long time no see! But we have a good excuse, Dr. Cardona moving around spreading his new theory about the Dark Side. Spring has come, but metaphorically the winter is still here, funds lacking everywhere. Still, good science is done all around the world and good papers are still being published. But research groups are nowadays asked for being economically autosufficient and scientists evaluated for their patents.

And to get a patent you need a good idea, but also money.

The Dark Side (by Dr. Cardona) are the bussiness people able to give you the money needed, at a cost, obviously.

You have to contact them.

You’ll have to deal with them.

To come to an agreement with them.

Are you strong enough?

From the UTE we think this agreement is important to make the scientists stronger, wealthier, and we encourage you: they are the bad ones, but still not that bad (and you need them).

Do you want to read more?

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