Clinical TB Management Course

Dear all, we are happy to present the Specialization “Clinical TB Management”, by the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, an International Graduate Institute) with the collaboration with the Aurum Institute, from South-Africa. This specialization is an open, online Graduate-Level Education aiming the students to acquire the theoretical and practical foundations for proper clinical management of TB through an update information on the natural history of TB, including the newest efforts on drug and vaccine discovery; and they will be trained in the resolution of clinical cases of TB, obtaining strong bases for prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of TB. The information obtained will be useful for their medical practice both in low and high burden countries.

This course will be given in english, Dr. Cardona being its academic director and Dr. Vilaplana its tutor. The Professor Board includes Dr. Cardona and Dr. Vilaplana, from the Experimental Tuberculosis Unit (Catalonia); Dr. Caylà; from the Public Health Care Agency of Barcelona; Dr. González, from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona; Dr. Pernas, from the Hospital Sant Pau of Barcelona; Dr. de Souza-Galvao, from the Tuberculosis Unit of Drassanes, Barcelona; Dr. Prats, from the UPC; Dr. Perez-Navarro, from the UOC; Mrs. Macias, as an expert of science dissemination; and Dr. Charalambous, Mc Carthy, Martinson and Churchyard from the Aurum Institute, South-Africa. A Scientific Board has also been set in order to advise on the course, including renown experts on the field: Dr. Lange, Dr. Gillespie, Dr. Le Loup and Dr. Dockrell.

The admission requirements are to hold a valid university degree or solid background on medical sciences, and the course will last from mid Oct 2012 until mid Feb 2013.

The University will soon update the information in its website, but here you are the diptych if you want to know more! clinical_TB_management_course

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