Dr. Cardona, elected to give the Institutional Speech of Manresa’s festivities

The mayor of Dr. Cardona’s city, Manresa, in the very heart of Catalonia, happily surprised him early this year when announced him he had been elected to give the Institutional Speech of Manresa’s festivities. This is one of the most precious distinction one can receive from a city. Dr. Cardona’s speech was read on the 25th August 2012 in the City Hall, him being surrounded by family, friends and forefront members of the city’s civil and cultural society.

In his speech, Dr. Cardona talked about how multiple failures are good and necessary to be constantly challenged to achieve one’s purpose, as Sir Winston Churchill used to say. Dr. Cardona also encouraged young people to fight for their dreams without renouncing easily, and said one has to work very hard to get on and finally, success. He also used his speech to pronounce his particular ideas about the future of Catalonia and its relationship with Spain. He finally expressed energically the need of the civil society to engage in the country in order to get a better future for all.

If you’d like to read the speech  (in Catalan), you can find it in the Manresa’s City Council’s webpage.

You’d like to know what did the newspapers said about it? check this link!

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