The UTE is giving grants to access the online postgraduate “course Clinical TB Management”

Grants of the 50% or even more are offered by the Experimental Tuberculosis Unit (UTE). Many people specially from underdeveloped countries have been interested in the course, and even of having a good background and motivation to gain it, they are not able to do it because of the money.

In these times of crisis, we, as all research groups (at least in Spain) are also endeavouring to overcome great difficulties. However, we do believe education is essential, so we do think it’s important to give the people who deserve it more the opportunity to complete their training.

Would you like to access these grants?

Please send an email to Dr. Vilaplana ( ), entitle the subject as “GRANT CLINICAL TB MANAGEMENT COURSE” and please attach a motivation letter and a brief CV. Please do specify how much % would you’d like us to contribute with, and why should we give you that money.

The deadline to send your candidature for the grant is end next week. All candidates will be considered, and the final elected candidates will have a response on the 5th october.

Good luck,

UTE’s team

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3 Responses to The UTE is giving grants to access the online postgraduate “course Clinical TB Management”

  1. Phelix Mboya says:

    Hi, i would like to know the next application so that i can try. Iam coming from Kenya where there is high TB burden and knowledge on this would support me in TB management. Iam working as TB/HIv Technical Advisor.

  2. Lulendo Gomer says:

    Hi .  I am Dr  Weko Gomer Lulendo, Medical officer working  in the Ministry of Health( Tsabong Primary Hospital) In Botswana . I am highly interested  in your online postgraduate course on TB management . Please can you let  me know when will be the next  training, the cost for me to get prepare  and apply.  Thank you in advance for your help

  3. Lulendo Gomer says:

    Hi. I  wanted just  to find out  when  are you going to organize  the  online  postgraduate  course Clinical TB management . Thank you in advance

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