Psychology Dpt of Harvard investigating Moral Judgements

Research is difficult, probably more in these times of credit crunch. However we researchers do know doing research is also fun, and this is one of the best things of this job. We also do have to know about others research and you’ll agree with us that you always can learn something, you can always be challenged, you can always be surprised.

In this sense we’d like to present you this particular study sponsored by the Psychology Dept at Harvard University: the investigators want to collect worldwide as many completed tests as possible (regardless the age, the religion, etc) through the following webpage. The test, which has been named “Moral Sense Test” can be completed in about 5-7 minutes will surprise you, presenting you up to 5 situations in which for example you’ll have to decide to kill somebody to save others.

Help research, participate in clinical trials! You can do something as easy as to complete this Moral Sense test!


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