What the granted students by UTE said about the Clinical TB Management Course

“I would really like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to enrol in the Clinical TB course. Although it became difficult for me as Im doing basic science research not clinical staff but it broadened my mind in a way unimaginable! I enjoyed the Natural History of TB very much. The reviews that Prof has written on the naturally history of TB are very interisting and nice to read. I also liked the idea of geolocalization although I had problems getting to do the practicals, Toni did his best to help me. I think I underestimated simulations but now I have new perspectives on this subject. If I ever decide to do public health my project will be on this subject. I also underestimated the role of TB advocacy, that was also an eye opener! Although I have been doing it, I really didn’t take it seriously but that has changed” Lindokhule Ndlandla, SouthAfrica

“I work in basic research and I usually have little contact with clinics and patients, so I thought that this course would be helpful to have a more clinical point of view. Indeed, the course has been a great opportunity to approach to people dealing daily with TB in different contexts. I have learnt a lot. Each week we had a lesson about tuberculosis from a different point of view: clinical features and management, natural history, epidemiology, but we have also treat some topics that I didn’t expect but that had very positively surprised me as geolocalization, where we learned to use and construct a database with geological information (e.g. TB cases localized on a map), or the modeling unit, where we were able to use a mathematical model to predict and understand epidemiology of TB in a concrete setting. Another surprising aspect has been that although the course was online, there has been a nice interaction between classmates and professors, through participation in the forum, where we commented the topics treated in the units every week. This was great because not only professors but also the students were from very different countries, so the discussions were really interesting and rich. I have really enjoyed the course!!” Elena Marzo, Catalonia. 

“I am challenged by the level of precission with which material was being given to us.For me this course has made a turning point in my life as a clinical person. Some of the concepts looked so simple that they would easily be missed in every day life. Thanks to the UOC team,they were emphatically adressed and now am proud to be one of the alumni of the University of Catalonia.”  Enock Kizito, Uganda

“In general I considered it a very good course. I will strongly recommend my residents to join it”. Miguel Arias, Spain.

“I was one of the fortunate few who were granted a scholarship to attend the online Clinical TB Management Course and i cannot be thankful enough. this course brought it all the important topics together under one platform. from presentations to online resource material, this course made learning much more easier, accessible and fun all at the same time. with the constant help and reponses of the instructors, we had our doubts solved live and first hand. i would definitely recommend this course to everyone who hopes to revise TB management from the beginning till the end” Summiya Nizzamuddin, Pakistan.


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One Response to What the granted students by UTE said about the Clinical TB Management Course

  1. Lulendo Gomer says:

    I wanted just to check if you are stilll continue to train  people for TB post graduate. I am interested to this programme. Thank you in advance

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