Bonne rentrée!

Dear all,

yes, august is ending and also the holidays, and the weather in BCN is so english by now that we could be depressed….. but September is also a good moment to start again with a fresh mind: time for starting a new course, time for regeneration, time for new ideas, new hypothesis to be tested, new students to teach.

We are back (well, in fact we will be totally back on the first week of September) and we are happy to announce that we will face the Indian summer with the good new of having had 2 papers recently accepted to be published.

The first one is “Construction, characterization and preclinical evaluation of MTBVAC, the first live-attenuated M.tuberculosis-based vaccine to enter clinical trials” by Arbues et al, the result of a nice collaboration with the research group of Carlos Martin (UNIZAR) on their vaccine candidate.

The second one is “Evolution and role of corded cell aggregation in M.tuberculosis cultures” by Caceres et al, a paper on our fruitful and long collaboration with our friends from MOSIMBIO. Moreover, we were informed about a nice and interesting letter written by Eisen et al about our work on ibuprofen, published earlier this year.

Hope autumn will bring us more papers and funding opportunities. Meanwhile….. welcome back and bonne rentrée, 

UTE’s team

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