New paper accepted!

Dear all,

our work on an active TB model modifying the Kramnik mouse model will be soon published on the journal Tuberculosis as a manuscript entitled “Damaging role of neutrophilic infiltration in a mouse model of progressive tuberculosis”, as it has been recently accepted.

The paper  contains all the work done in the UTE during the past 3 years and will be the core of the thesis of Elena Marzo (our pre-doctoral student). The study was supported by the Spanish Government through the CIBER CRP-TB and FIS PI11/0172 grants.

We propose the usefulness of the model presented to evaluate new therapeutic and prophylactic strategies against active TB, as we characterised the generation of the cavities in this model and show it is possible to modify their course.

 We’ll keep you posted on the final publishing date, hope you’d like the paper!

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3 Responses to New paper accepted!

  1. Appears to be a very interesting study.keeps us posted when it is available online

  2. joan joseph says:

    Enhorabona !! Please Keep us posted

  3. Eduard Quintana says:

    Felicitats. You guys keep advancing TB knowledge as always. Nice job

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