Yesterday, 1st of October, 2013, the WHO, the IUATLD and the Stop TB Partnership and other partners launched the Childhood TB Roadmap, a guiding document that seeks to outline the activities that need to be implemented to accelerate progress toward the elimination of childhood TB. 

TB is fatal for children. The WHO has estimated an annual childhood TB deaths of  74,000  (based on 2012 data). Children suffer from poor TB diagnosis, poor access to treatment and moreover, from their parents’ death.

This “Roadmap for childhood TB: towards zero deaths” recommends ten actions at national and global levels:

  1. include the needs of children and adolescents in research, policy development and clinical practices;
  2. collect and report better data, including preventive measures;
  3. develop training and reference materials on childhood TB for health workers;
  4. foster local expertise and leadership among child health workers at all levels of health systems;
  5. use critical intervention strategies, such as intensive case finding, contact tracing and preventive therapy; implement policies enabling early diagnosis; and ensure there is an uninterrupted supply of high-quality anti-TB medicines for children;
  6. engage key stakeholders and establish effective communication and collaboration between the health sector and other sectors that address the social determinants of health and access to care;
  7. develop integrated family- and community-centred strategies to provide comprehensive and effective services at the community level;
  8. address research gaps in the following areas: epidemiology, fundamental research, the development of new tools (such as diagnostics, medicines and vaccines); and address gaps in operational research and research looking at health systems and services;
  9. close all funding gaps for childhood TB;
  10. form coalitions and partnerships to study and evaluate the best strategies for preventing and managing childhood TB, and for improving tools used for diagnosis and treatment.

Do you want to download the Roadmap? Please click here

Want to learn more about it? Please visit the following links:

the Out of the Dark Report, MSF, 2011

the Out of the Dark Report, UPDATE, MSF, 2012

the StopTB news about the RoadMap

the Rapid Advice on Children TB Treatment, WHO 

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