“UK TB Voices: The Story Behind the Statistics” report issued

A new report was launched last week entitled  “UK TB Voices: The Story Behind the Statisticsdepicting the personal stories of individuals affected by TB in the UK. This is an initiative from  RESULTS UKTB AlertTB Action Group and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global TB, and exposes the personal confessions of several TB patients.

Do you want to know more about TB but you cannot understand a medical word? Or do you understand but you want the patients’ vision? “I don’t remember when the cough started.”, “They tested me for everything but couldn’t make a diagnosis”, “In total, I took over 2,500 pills in six months.”, “The worst thing was keeping it secret from my family and friends”, “I have no idea how I was infected with TB. I worked in London, one person on a tube or a train, it could have been anything.”. These are some of the sentences that can be found in the report.

Please find the full  report is available at http://resultsb.whitefusehub.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/UK-TB-Voices-Final.pdf 

Do you want more info? please click here.

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