Luckily crowded!

Dear all, 

you already knew we  recently hired a technician (Mr Ismael Varela) in the context of the Project granted together with the Miguel Servet I contract of Dr Vilaplana, but we are happy to announce that the UTE is quite crowded with the recent incorporation of 4 new students who have chosen our lab to do their research work.

Ms Paula Cardona is a student of the Master on Immunology (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)-Universitat de Barcelona (UB)) and will be with us until September, tutored by Dr Cardona himself. Ms Neus Sans is a student of the Degree in Engineering of Biological Systems and comes from the Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona (UPC). Tutored by Dr Clara Prats (our friend from MOSIMBIOUPC) and Dr Vilaplana (UTE) she is helping on the analysis of the CT-Scanned images of the lungs obtained in the mini-pig model mimicking latent tuberculosis, in collaboration with the Radiology Dept of the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, leaded by Dr Jordi Bechini. Ms Sonia Rebollo (Degree on Microbiology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, tutored by Dr Cardona) and Mr Antoni Planella (Degree on Biomedical Sciences, Universitat de Lleida, tutored by Dr Vilaplana) are two alumni finishing their degrees in our Unit. 

We are happy of being still able to attract young people from different backgrounds to work with us. No matter the path they will chose afterwards, we are eager to teach them about tuberculosis and the different approaches available to address infectious diseases. Luckily, the main inconvenience is a matter of room! 

From left to right: Dr Cris Vilaplana (researcher, UTE), Dr Clara Prats (lecturer, UPC), Elena Marzo ( post-doctoral researcher, UTE), Paula Cardona (student, Master on Immunology, UAB-UB), Neus Sans (student, Degree on Ingeneering of Biological Systems, UPC), Antoni Planella (student, Degree on Medical Biosciences, UdL) and Sonia Rebollo (student, Degree on Microbiology, UAB).




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