Do you have TB? Here you are some useful links

….and if you are healthy, you might be interested in these links too. To learn about a disease which still is devastating. Because sadly, people still think TB is eradicated. TB IS NOT ERADICATED. There is a lot of work to be done. We keep on wondering why people believe  that  and we do think the reason is because TB is INVISIBLE. Invisible and poorly funded when compared to other diseases as cancer and HIV infection, yet having caused disease to 8.6 million people and killed 1.3 million during 2012. Nobody talks about TB. Patients do not tell they are sick because of TB. They feel ashamed Moreover, they have to be isolated, and they feel alone, depressed, and lots of them can not afford to leave work for weeks, even months. TB has a devastating effect on the economy of the families and cause social rejection. So they keep quiet, they hide their disease for fear of the consequences. So we all do have to work on that. Do not feel alone. Do speak out of your condition, and of your fears. Claim for help. Claim for more research funds. There are people like you, suffering from TB, just like you. And there are lots of enthousiastic people working on TB research, to find better diagnostic tests, better treatments, to help you.

Please find here some links which might help you or in which you might be interested in: 

  • Personal Stories is a page on the TBVI website. You can read here about TB, about other people stories and you can share your story here too!
  • The truth about TB is a webpage devoted to share the stories of people who have been affected by TB in the UK
  • Personal Stories (CDC) webpage is an american website to share personal stories of people suffering from TB
  • TB & ME is a collaborative blogging project by patients being treated for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in locations all around the world, promoted by MSF.
  • I have Tuberculosis experience program is an anonymous support group with information and personal stories and experiences with Tuberculosis.
  • Do you want to learn more about TB, TB research, work campaigns, do you want to read some documents or do you want to participate somehow? Check the STOPTB Partnership website

For a future world without TB, start spreading the word! 

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