Meet us at the Picasso Museum this week-end!


The Barcelona City Council in the context of the Citizen Festival of the European Capital  of Innovation, together with the artist Anna Dumitriu, have organised a weekend devoted to Tuberculosis. “The Romantic Disease: An Artistic Investigation of Tuberculosis” is a highly successful solo exhibition by Anna Dumitriu, which was originally exhibited at Watermans in London, UK, funded by The Wellcome Trust between January and March 2014 and followed an international tour  to the Theatrum Anatomicum at Waag Society, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, to Art Laboratory Berlin in Germany in September and to Barcelona this wee-end, at the Picasso Museum. We are pleased to inform that we will be gladly collaborating in this imaginative initiative. We will be giving a talk and participating in a debate on Saturday 14th and will help Anna in her workshop the whole Sunday 15th. You are certainly very wellcome! Please find more info here

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