The Experimental Tuberculosis Unit joins the recently created Africa-Europe Host Directed Therapies TB Clinical Trials Network

The Experimental Tuberculosis Unit has now been working on Host Directed Therapies (HDT) for many years. We started 15 years ago with the first therapeutic vaccine (RUTI, licensed to ArchivelFarma SL) and we are now involved in the discovery and development of the nutraceutical Nyaditum resae (licensed to Manremyc SL, leaded by Pr Cardona), and with the recently opened research line on HDT leaded by Dr Vilaplana (granted by the Spanish Ministry of Health). 

As result of a wonderful initiative of Pr collaboratorsHDT_NETMarkus Maeurer and Pr Alimuddin Zumla, the Africa-Europe Host Directed therapies (HDT) network has been recently created, and its Inaugural meeting was successfully conducted in South Africa MRC headquarters in Cape Town, Apr 2015 (picture).

We are happy to announce that we are part of this network, to which we predict a bright future with great impact, specially in Africa, and which will strenghen the south-north collaborations.  

The HDT-NET has a double aim: to conduct randomized,
HDT-NET logo white backgroundplacebo-controlled clinical trials (RCTs) of a range of Host Directed Therapies as adjunct to current TB treatment regimens, and to empower african sites with high-calibre african researchers.

You can learn more about the Africa-Europe HDT-NET, here

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