“Towards host-directed therapies for tuberculosis”: a position comment published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery by the HDT network.

The prestigious journal Nature Reviews Drug Discovery has published the The Host-Directed Therapies Network (HDT-NET) views and consensus as a comment article. The HDT-NET was founded last spring (April, 7th 2015) by Pr. Alimuddin Zumla and Pr. Markus Maeurer, and gathers 29 African and 11 European country partners with the common aim to evaluate Host-Directed Therapies (HDT) in randomized high-quality clinical trials. HDT-NET logo white background

In a moment that multi-resistance to drugs represent a very important threat, and when the disease still causes ~9 million active TB cases and ~1.5 million TB-induced deaths per year, there is an urgent need for new TB treatments. We do believe repurposed drugs and other HDT could cover this need.

The UTE has been working on HDT since many years ago: first with the design and development of the therapeutic vaccine RUTI® (now ready for a Phase III CT), and later with the creation of Manremyc SL, a new spin-off to develop Nyaditum resae® (a nutraceutical to prevent the development of active TB) and the new line of research led by Dr. Vilaplana and funded by the Spanish Government (CP13/00174). This new research line of the UTE explores the role of inflammation in an active TB murine model and recently in human TB lesions, thanks to a collaboration with a georgian institute, the National Center of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (NCTLD).  Dr. Vilaplana final aim is to conduct a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of common anti-inflammatories (as ibuprofen and aspirin) and other repurposed drugs with an anti-inflammatory component, for which she is at present seeking funding.

You can access more information on the HDT-NET here and the Nature Reviews Drug Discovery manuscript here.

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