TBPATCH model: Would you like to understand the evolution from latent to active Tuberculosis?

WebRecently our group together with the MOSIMBIO group, has published two papers that have been able to show why active TB takes place in the lungs. It has been explained from a pathology point of view and using virtual modeling. The first is now part of the Netlogo Library known as the TBPATCH model : 

The Small Breathing Amplitude at the Upper Lobes Favors the Attraction of Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils to Mycobacterium tuberculosis Lesions and Helps to Understand the Evolution toward Active Disease in An Individual-Based Model

In this article we explain the TBPATCH model you can easily experiment by using the Netlogo application to understand the evolution of the lesions in the lungs after Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. In our case we have focused in role of the low drainage capacity of the alveoli in the upper lobes that helps the attraction of neutrophiles and thus helps the size increase of the lesion and the evolution towards active TB. 

Local Inflammation, Dissemination and Coalescence of Lesions Are Key for the Progression toward Active Tuberculosis: The Bubble Model

In this paper, a Matlab mathematical model is found following the rules that led to the formation of soap bubbles. The same rules have been able to explain the formation of active TB lesions, in terms of individual growth (because of neutrophilic infiltration), the induction of daughter lesions and the coalescence of the neighbouring ones.


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