A next step in the Host-Directed Therapies field

We are happy to announce that we are going to conduct a pilot clinical trial in the NCTLD in Tbilisi, Georgia to evaluate the potential benefit and safety of ibuprofen as coadjuvant in the treatment of XDR-TB cases. The study has been registered in the public database clinicaltrials.gov with the Identifier: NCT02781909.

Dr. Cris Vilaplana, from our Unit, is the PI of this trial, which official title is “Pilot Study to Estimate the Potential Efficacy and Safety of Using Adjunctive Ibuprofen for the Treatment of XDR Tuberculosis(NSAIDS-XDR-TB)“. The study will be conducted in collaboration with the NCTLD team coordinated by Pr. Sergo Vashakidze and Dr. Natalia Schubladze; and Pr. Neil Martinson (PHRU, SouthAfrica) will act as an independent expert.

This is another step in our research on the effect of NSAIDS on tuberculosis from the moment we showed the benefit of ibuprofen and aspirin in a murine experimental model of active TB, and allowed Dr. Vilaplana to win a Miguel Servet research contract from the Spanish Government.  We are now seeking funding to evaluate the effect of ibuprofen and aspirin in TB (DS and MDR-TB) in a bigger trial involving SouthAfrica (PHRU) and Georgia (NCTLD). With this research line, we do expect to contribute to the Host-Directed Therapies field, which have been lately suggested as a real hope for TB patients.

You can access more information on the study at clinicaltrials.gov webpage, here.

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