806 Thanks to our friends from Súria!

The first fundraising event to help us to continue our research was held on the IMG_3147past 11th June 2016 by our friends from Súria, who organized a dance party in the restaurant “Brasseria La Pobla” with a great attendance success. One of the co-organizers of the event, Joan Vendrell AKA DJ Jonny Fantom visited us yesterday in order to meet the  people in the lab at the Fundació Germans Trias i Pujol (Can Ruti Campus) and to make the donation of the fundraised amount: 806€!

From here we would like to thank again him, Joan Vendrell AKA DJ Jonny Fantom , Maria Casado (owner of the venue, La Braseria La Pobla), Miquel DJ Menfis  (1979-1994), all the women from the association “Casal de la Dona de Súria“, and to all the people who went and danced for us. To all of them, thanks again to all for your help and generous heart!

This has been the first time someone decided to fundraise for us. Would you also like to organize something and help us to raise money with it?Please send us an email (secretary.ute(at)gmail.com); we would be very happy to learn about your ideas!!

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