Our work would not be possible without the generosity of friends worldwide.

By giving to our Unit, you’ll help us stay at the forefront of global health research and support our mission to eradicate tuberculosis worldwide. Your support is vital to help, and will be used to:

  • Educate future researchers through scholarships and fellowships
  • Find new solutions to tuberculosis
  • Build and maintain partnerships and collaborations worldwide, to find a global solution for TB

FUNDRAISING: Fundraising gives you the chance to be creative with your donations: from sales event, a runners competition, or donations on your birthday or wedding day! Any occasion can become a fundraising event, and every donation, no matter how little it’d be, would be very important to our work. So be engaged, collaborate, help us! 


ute_2You can donate your amount to our Unit, and we will allocate it to where is more urgently needed. However, if you’d prefer to donate to a specific project, you can make your donation and add a sentence on what you’d like to collaborate. We have now some studies and fellowships going on which will benefit a lot from your help. We are now translating a presentation (now only in catalan) of our work for donors to learn about us, you will soon be able to watch it. Meanwhile, feel free to send us an email to: secretary.ute(at) for any question on how we will use your money, how to collaborate, or any other issues! 


by bank wire: to the following account ES33 0182 6035 4202 0161 2145 (owner: FUND. INST. INV. CIÈNCIES SALUT GERMANS TRIAS I PUJOL). Make sure you add “UTE” in the concept, or “UTE+ Nyaditum Project”,  “UTE+Psico-Social Factors and TB”, “UTE+ TB lesions”, “UTE+ TB and cooperation”

by Credit/Debit Card: here (webpage in catalan only, soon in english). Please fill in your details and choose our projects from the list:

  • Estudi de l’ impacte dels factors psico-socials en els casos de  tuberculosi a Catalunya (in english: Study of the impact of psycho-social factors in TB cases in Catalonia)
  • Estudi de les lesions tuberculoses per a dissenyar noves estratègies per prevenir-la i curar-la (in english: Study of the TB lesions to design new strategies to prevent and cure the disease)
  • Projecte Nyaditum (in english: Nyaditum project)
  • Tuberculosi i cooperació: estudi de la malaltia en països en vies de desenvolupament (in english: TB and Cooperation, it’s for all the projects we conduct in collaboration with developing countries).