Fundraising event for TB patients

Promoted by Dr. Vilaplana, the UTE has been fundraising money to buy personal care products for TB inpatients staying at the Serveis Clinics Unit (SSCC), in Barcelona. This clinic is specialized in managing TB patients at risk of poverty or social exclusion. The SSCC and the UTE are already collaborating, and we do expect to be part of shared research projects very soon.

We are happy to announce that in one week we raised 229,95€, which were used to buy:

  • 9 pairs of shower slippers
  • 27 toothbrushes
  • 6 pairs of winter home slippers
  • 6 pyjamas
  • 24 knickers
  • 6 underpants

Moreover, the pharmacy  Farmàcia Coll Colomer (St. Elies, 28, Barcelona) donated spectacles for presbyopia, for current or future patients who might need them.

We would like to thank all those who generously contributed to our cause. A small gesture can achieve so much!

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The FUITB has closed its art competition. Help them to decide the winners!

Visit their website to watch the illustrations and vote!

We have the images. Please help us to decide the winners!

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Successful start of our 2 new trials in Tbilisi, Georgia

We spent last tweek in Tbilisi, Georgia, to prepare the start of our 2 new CT to evaluate hostdirected therapies: ibuprofen and the nutraceutical Nyaditum resae. A pilot CT will evaluate ibuprofen as coadjuvant treatment for Pre-XDR and XDR-TB; and an efficacy trial will evaluate Nyaditum resae, the food supplement our spin-off Manremyc is developing. We are excited about our ongoing studies in this wonderful site. You can learn more about both trials in our Projects page at Research lines and Team

Enjoy here below the pictures!

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Do you like to draw or paint? Do it for tuberculosis!

illustraTB_eng (1) (1)The fuiTB Foundation has organized an art competition to raise funds for their activities  against tuberculosis. We are participating, and we’d like you to participate too!

Popular voting and 3 awards. The only thing you have to do is to draw or to paint something related to tb. Pretty easy, right? Oh, you are afraid of not having anything to draw? Do not worry! They have designed a nice website where you’d find links to lots of pictures -you will get inspired for sure!

You can access the competition website here, and there you can download a leaflet in case you’d like to share it with your friends and family!

So…don’t hesitate and PARTICIPATE! 



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So that’s it! We start our seasonal leave in a bit… So we decided to celebrate! 

We will have all August someone on duty…but most of us will be resting while sunbathing. So enjoy the summer and see you all back in September!

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806 Thanks to our friends from Súria!

The first fundraising event to help us to continue our research was held on the IMG_3147past 11th June 2016 by our friends from Súria, who organized a dance party in the restaurant “Brasseria La Pobla” with a great attendance success. One of the co-organizers of the event, Joan Vendrell AKA DJ Jonny Fantom visited us yesterday in order to meet the  people in the lab at the Fundació Germans Trias i Pujol (Can Ruti Campus) and to make the donation of the fundraised amount: 806€!

From here we would like to thank again him, Joan Vendrell AKA DJ Jonny Fantom , Maria Casado (owner of the venue, La Braseria La Pobla), Miquel DJ Menfis  (1979-1994), all the women from the association “Casal de la Dona de Súria“, and to all the people who went and danced for us. To all of them, thanks again to all for your help and generous heart!

This has been the first time someone decided to fundraise for us. Would you also like to organize something and help us to raise money with it?Please send us an email (secretary.ute(at); we would be very happy to learn about your ideas!!

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TBEmpúries Conference- now that is ended

Now that our Conference in Empúries is ended, we would like to thank all the speakers, attendees, sponsors (ClinCapture/S4 Research, Manremyc SL, Noel Alimentaria, Doctoralia) and supporters (SEPAR, TBVI, UITB, CIBERES) involved. We are aware this type of conferences are uncommon, and at some point we were quite stressed about the idea to gather people with such different backgrounds, from all over the world: experimental animal modellers, physicians, surgeons, pathologists, vets! However, we are very happy with the result: people started talking, sharing, and new collaborations and opportunities emerged; we all learnt a lot, and discovered there still is a lot to be done in the field. And because of the relaxed environment -flipflops, the beach and the sun- we worked a lot….while we were having fun.

We also would like to stress out the fruitful TBVAC2020 WP2 meeting we had on the first day, guided by our WP leader, Pr. Frank Verreck. 

We do believe this conference was useful to plant a seed that now we want to germinate… in order to continue the work started. So let’s say this is just the beginning! (to be continued)


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