2013 in review: it was a good year for us!

Dear all,

we say goodbye to 2013 and we’d like to thank our colleagues, friends and supporters.

2013 has left us 6 new papers, two of them of which we are specially happy about: the characterization of the modified Kramnik model to study active TB and our discovery on the benefits of using common anti-inflammatories as coadjuvant in TB treatment. We have gained a research contract Miguel Servet 1 (for Dr Vilaplana) to explore this new line of research in humans, and we are further working on the new experimental animal model to evaluate new drug candidates. Moreover, this year we have presented our studies to the scientific community through several conferences, talks and posters; and Dr Cardona has disseminated our work through mass media by releasing press conferences and giving several radio and TV interviews.

On 2013, our blog has received 6900 visits, and we are happy to discover that one of the most visited pages is the one devoted to our Dynamic Hypothesis! Of course the page devoted to UTE’s leader is the most visited, and followed by the publications page. Our visitors came mainly from Spain, but closely followed by british and american citizens, which makes us very happy because it means we are getting more known abroad, and this is important for our work. Please keep visiting our blog and contacting us!!!! 

And last, this has been the year of the creation and consolidation of Manremyc (namely Manresana de Micobacteriologia SL), a spin-off which born in the UTE and created and leaded by Dr Cardona to develop a probiotic against TB, which will be in the market next year (2014).

We say goodbye and thanks to 2013 and we wait with expectance for a 2014 full of health, joy, work, love, independence and many scientific achievements! Wishing you the same, and only the very best, 

C U in 2014!!!!!! 

….and as says the catalan song……give kisses as presents!

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